The functionalities as follows:
PCMCIA socket & card services drivers
Fully compatible with PCMCIA V.2.1 definitions
2. Flash file system driver supporting
Support 3 different kinds of File Systems such as MS-FFS2, True-FFS
and DOS FAT File System using DOS command to make Flash card as floppy diskette.
3. Type II I/O card driver
Auto-detect and configuring the I/O card without notice.
It is simply plug-and-play.
4. Type III ATA hard disk driver
Fully DOS command compatible such as using DOS FDISK to partition the ATA HDD,
then DOS FORMAT to format the HDD.
5. Boot Software
Enable PC system to boot from ATA Flash Card and ATA HDD.
Power Consumption
Voltage 5 volts TYP
Operating 400 mA TYP
Flash 500 mA TYP
Operating temperature 0oC ~ 70oC
Storage temperature -20oC ~ 85oC
Relative humidity Max 90%
Controller card 168mm (L) x 110mm(W) x 15mm(H)
Internal drive standard 3.5¡¨ FDD Form Factor
Weight 400g
System Requirements
  • PC/AT compatible computer with min 640K byte Ram
  • MS-DOS 5.0 up version
  • MS-WINDOW 3.0 up version
  • MS-WINDOW 95/98 version
  • MS-WINDOW NT version
LED indicators
power, busy, battery low
I/O address 3E0 ~ 3E1H
ROM address C0000 ~ C7FFF (32K)
C8000 ~ CFFFF (32K)
D8000 ~ DFFFF (32K)
E0000 ~ E7FFF (32K)
E8000 ~ EFFFF (32K)
Memory address adjustable by software, 16K mapping for each socket from D0000-DFFFF