PAC CardMaster Family-PC Cards Reader/Writer are available in seven models. They support all types of memory cards on the market, including S-RAM, Flash, EE PROM, and Mask Rom, ATA Flash Card, and other I/O Cards. Card Master makes it possible to use all PCMCIA devices with a desktop PC and share all PCMCIA resources between the desktop and a mobile computer, also support most of I/O Cards, such as Fax/Modem, Network, SCSI and ATA hard disk.

  • ISA interface, Internal Drive.
  • Comply with PCMCIA V.2.10 and JEIDA 4.2 Specification
  • 2 front slots, access from front of PC
  • Support Type I/II/III card, 3.3V/5V 16bit PC cards.
  • Support SRAM Card, Flash card, ATA Flash Card, ATA HDD & I/O card
  • Support read/write MS-FFS II/True FFS
  • Use VG469LF PCMCIA Controller Chip
  • Optional Boot Rom
  • Work in DOS, Windows98/2000/Me/XP/NT & Linux
  • Dimensions: ISA Controller card : 168 (L) x 110 (W) x 15 (H) mm

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